Spam that gave me a headache

I get loads of spam email. And I really mean that - I get LOADS.

Over the years I have perfected a technique to filter out spam from my email by manually scanning subject lines and being adept with my mouse countrol and the transfer of messages to "deleted items" quickly and efficiently. The net result is that spam doesn't bother me any more - it's just a fact of life and I live with it.

I have seen all sorts of spam techniques to get you to sit up and take notice. Some have been quite clever - some amusing - some annoying - but never before has anything caused me to get "drawn in" to the spammer's technique of getting me click-through to some "hot product" page or "hot babes" page - or hot whatever page. In other words - spam gets virtually zero brain-cycles from me.

Except for one. And this arrived only yesterday. It was addressed to me personally - and only me. And it was from an address which looked totally "normal". I clicked through to the URL out of sheer curiosity - there were no obvious signs of marketing spam.

At this point I have to admit that I spent quite a bit of time getting to grips with what I was presented with. When I say quite a bit of time - not endless hours - but a few minutes here and a few minutes there - and then I keep thinking about it in the few minutes in between being busy etc. I also have to admit that it gave me a slight headache.

It's a puzzle - and here it is: (Click on it.)

Please let me know if you solve it - because I honestly can't. Perhaps I am missing something really obvious. (