Is it just me?

Or do other people suffer the same dilemmas?
  • Like which way around to mount the toilet-roll on the toilet-roll holder in the bathroom? Should the tissue-paper dispense from the back of the roll - or the front?

  • Like when you know there's a queue behind you in the supermarket petrol station - and you've just filled up. Before you go to pay - should you manouvre your car forwards so that the next person in-line can fill-up - or should you just make them wait until you've paid? What's the convention?

  • Like when you get cut-off to the person you're talking to in the middle of a mobile-phone call: should you call back - or should you wait to be called back?

  • Like when you've orderd a take-away for delivery from your local Chinese, or Indian, or whatever - should you stand around, hovering by the front-door waiting for the delivery guy to turn up at the door and then open-up before he reaches your doorbell? Or should you wait until he has created a racket knocking on the door before you get up and open up?

  • Like when you're at the supermarket checkout and your purchase has been run-up on the till and you've just paid in cash and waiting for change: should you hold out your hand and wait for the cashier to place your change in your hand? Or should you wait until the cashier has the change ready before you stick your hand out?

  • Like when you're watching someone log-in to a website or application on the computer: should you look away when they're typing their password so that they feel re-assured that you are not guessing what they are typing - or should you look straight at the screen so as not to even suggest that you might be untrustworthy?

  • Like when you've answered your mobile phone whilst on the train or bus - and it's deathly quiet all around you - and the caller asks you where you are: should you answer truthfully by saying "I'm on the train" - or should you try saying something else in order not to be embarrassed by such an embarassing question?

  • Like when you're in a meeting just before lunchtime and you hear the stomach of the person next you rumble real loud: should you pretend that you didn't hear it as they fidget in their chair, or cough, or do something else to make-out that it wasn't their tummy rumbling? Or do you just look at them and smile empathically?

  • Or when it's your stomach that rumbles during a meeting - do you fidget, or cough - or reposition yourself in your chair - and hope that the person next to you didn't hear it? Or do you smile confessingly to the person next to you - as if to admit that you can't wait for lunch - and hope that they are empathic?

  • Like when you've confidently stepped off the tube train and you've rushed ahead along the platform in the direction you think should be going to either exit or connect with another tube-line - only to realise that you are going the wrong way - and need to turn back in the oppposite direction. Do you stop and turn back - facing possible embarassment in the process - or do you carry on walking confidently and wait until the crowds disappear before going back in the right direction?

More as it comes to me ...