I have done some research on sites all over the Internet re the Amway/Amivo "opportunity". Below you will find some of the material that I found and have packaged up for ease of distribution.

What is Amway?
Is Amway a cult?
What is the business really?
Residual imcome?
Business overhead costs.
Is there really a 30% saving?
Amway/Quixtar/Amivo analysis.
A Broadcasting Complaints Commission bulletin that gives some clues about a TV documentary investigation into a company called IBS that sells the "Amway way"
The real business plan. (Download and unzip into a folder and click on the htm file.)
What's wrong with MLM?
Some questions to ask before joining the plan.
Twelve tests on MLM opportunities.
Where's the harm? (This is very interesting - as it concludes that the chances of making it rich doing Amway are smaller than gambling in a casino)

And here are some very useful websites: